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Can you help me choose the proper size for my bed?


FULL/QUEEN bedding set
American Cotton Company

KING/CAL KING  bedding set
American Cotton Company


Extra to roll over and cuddle

Way over-sized
Lots Extra to roll over and cuddle


Perfect tailor fits

Extra to roll over and cuddle

King bed

Kinda Small

Perfect tailor fits
With just right over cover a little

CAL King bed

Extra Small

Perfect tailor fits

Why do I need ECO-Friendly bedding?
As with anything in your home, everything that directly touches your skin is as important as your daily skin products. We strictly control every inch of our products. All the dyes and chemicals that we use are guaranteed to pass 100% U.S. textile import standards. Your skin will feel more natural and comfortable, with less chance to experience allergic reactions. Plus it will help protect the environment, air, and water at your home.
Are your coverlets pre-washed?
Yes. They are washed in a unique way in our professional lab. All our cotton coverlets/bedspreads are gently triple pre-washed. The first time, a water wash, removes roughness and naturally shrinks the cloth. The second time, a micro-scrub wash, makes the surface fell soft like a second skin. The third time, a silk fastness technique, gives the touch an ultra thickness and raw silky smoothness.
What is extra virgin cotton batting in a coverlet?
It is unprocessed natural cotton. It is handled only to remove the humidity and then fluffed by hand. It is also patted out to be the size of the coverlet. All the cotton batting is fabricated exclusively for the American Cotton Company.  It is the gold standard of white cotton. It is never recycled.  Our cotton is the highest quality.
It is also used on the inside of our blankets.  We proudly provide you pure, soft, real, white, clean, and handpicked cotton batting.
Does reversible mean they can be used on both side?
Yes.  All our reversible products give you 2 unique looks and character.
Can you explain more about your reversible products?
Our comforters: The main face side is woven from 100% cotton with our original designed pattern facing up. The quilt side is an ultra micro fabric (3 times thicker than current market) also originally designed, has numerous, contemporary embroidered quilt patterns. Our coverlet/bedspread: There are two different colors for each side, featuring our signature 2 color embroidery. The main fabric for both is 100% cotton. The decoration we use is also Ultra microfiber.
Where are the product made?
All our products are made in downtown Shanghai, where all the top brand products are sourced and traded.
Can you tell me about the factory? How do I know you will not use any products from sweatshops?
As we said, all out products are made in downtown Shanghai, the location of the highest quality factories. We have only the highest standards, directly sourcing all materials for the American Cotton Company. All our artist and artisans are paid fairly. We love them and treat them like family.
What makes our reversible bedding superior to other reversible bedding?
Our signature bedding combines 2 comforters or coverlets to be as one, unlike others who claim to be reversible. The others used 2 pieces of flat print or solid fabric with one insert. We use thick crispy jacquard cotton on the front. The back is fully embroidered quilting with double batting for the comforter. Our coverlet/bedspread uses two tone cotton on each side. Both sides have embroidered quilting and extra cotton batting.
What is jacquard cotton as opposed to normal flat cotton?
Jacquard cotton is a 3 dimensional fabric woven with a rich undulating pattern. It is expensive to produce compared to flat cotton. Only the wealthiest people could afford to buy or use it as far back at the 17th century. Unlike flat cotton, jacquard cotton does not have a solid printed 2 dimensional look. It appears to be simultaneously embroidered and woven. The texture is rich and thick with lots of detail. Our cotton is woven by Italian machines that cost 3 times than other machines.
What's dual color quilting VS normal quilting?
Our signature dual color Hand-Made quilting is something you will not see in other products on the market.  It can be only made by hand. A machine can only control shapes, sizes and patterns. But our Hand-Made quilting is uniquely created by talented artists and artisans. It cost 20 times more than machine made.
  1. Because it has 2 different colored threads on each coverlet/bedspread.
  2. Every inch of line has its own shape and character.
  3. The space between the each line is different
You will not see this on the general quilting in the market.
What is embroidered quilting VS normal quilting?
Our embroidered quilting is extraordinary. We can embroider on a level which is small in shape and high in detail. Normal quilting can only offer the same large, simple, and boring shapes.
What is mirror frame and bold frame?

Both mirror and bold frame give the beautiful edge decoration on the comforter and coverlet/bedspread.  
Mirror frame is used on our comforters. With four layers, it is like the frame on a painting.

It gives the comforter and artistic look.

Bold frame is used on our coverlet/bedspread.  It has a batting insert and a puffy frame.  It is excellent for matching embroidered quilting.

How should I properly care for my comforter and coverlet/bedspread?
In order to maintain its elegant original look, we highly recommend that you dry clean or spot clean. We say this because all our products use the highest quality materials. All off them can be machine washed on easy care and light touch ironed on low temperature if needed.
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